Sagraitalia along with Vinitours and Livinginlemarche promote the wines and produce of various regions of Italy, always concentrating where possible on food, olive oils and wines made by small artisan producers.
We try to use and promote wines that are produced by organic and biodynamic methods and more recently wines made in a purely natural way. Natural wines are made with the minimum of chemical involvement and normally only using the very smallest amount of sulphites which are necessary to allow the wine not to sour.
Stefano Milani from Selezione Zanotto London who we work closely with at events and tastings will be present with his range of natural Col Fondo prosecco and other organic and natural wines from his fine wine collection.
Natural wines are increasingly popular in the UK though for the moment this is mainly focused in London and the south East of England.

To further promote Natural wines in the UK a wine festival is being held in London which is given over solely to this type of wine, it is being held at the Old truman Brewery, Brick Lane near Liverpool Street on the 20th and 21st May .
The artisan wine fair is also known as RAW and will host some of the best wine talent in the world of natural wine, all the wines being from vibrant, sustainable organic and biodynamic vineyards. There will be talks, debates and a series of wine tastings and several famous wine associations will be present.
Sagraitalia hopes to be present at the show, visitng some of the producers that we already deal with and also meeting new producers for the future.