Events in 2014


September will be a very busy month for us with Sagraitalia taking part in a promotional event in Italy on September 14th hosted by Festivaldelgusto and Olivaverde, then a party held at a farm near Henley in Berkshire at which we provided an Italian themed evening party with produce from both Puglia and Tuscany.

Festivaldelgusto is the first of several similar events to be held in Italy, the UK and Malta, the next festival to be held in Malta next May.


Summer parties are always popular and this year we held a very popular event near the Thames in Windsor, it was part of the summer events held by one of the large private hospital groups BMI and The Neurology Practice which operates in west London and in the counties of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

The event featured a range of Italian produce specifically supplied by small artisan producers and all from organically certified farms and azienda in the Marche region of eastern Italy. The event proved a great success and it is hoped that a similar event can be held in the Runnymead area of Berkshire again next summer.


Sagraitalia is always looking for new and outstanding venues for events and also our clients and in the east of England one 

of the most beautiful must be the Dragon Hall in the historic city of Norwich in Norfolk.

Norwich is a ancient yet vibrant city steeped in history but it also has one of the most dynamic and well known Universites 

 in the UK, the University of East Anglia, UEA which gives the city a large population of young people with the associated 

bars, restaurants and night spots which students frequent.

Dragon Hall today still plays an important part in the life of Norwich the building being first established in the city as a

 trading hall in the year 1430. over the centuries the uses of this beautiful building has changed many times and today it has

 numerous uses which include markets, fairs, exhibitions, music venues and workshops.

The setting is a perfect backdrop for the wonderful oils and foods that will be on show and for sale at the Norwich event and

 we hope to make Dragon Hall one of our featured venues for clients to use in this part of the UK.


Each year a large and popular summer wine festival is held by Marsovin wines on the Mediterranean island of Malta, this 

year the festival is being held from the 12th to the 14th of July. This prestigious event is one of the highlights of the Maltese

 summer calendar and is usually held in the beautiful Hastings garden in Valletta, with its fantastic views across the Grand

 harbour and beyond. Over thirty different wines are available to try at each evenings event, covering a wide spectrum of

 palates and tastes with entertainment provided by some of the leading musicians to be found on the islands.

The Festival is also a celebration Malta's diverse and varied culture,with the history of Malta dating back many thousands

 of years and including influences from the Phoenicians, Romans, Turks, French and British giving a rich inheritance to the 

culture both of the islands and the Maltese inhabitants.

There is a long history of wine making on the Maltese islands and Marsovin is one of the leading wine makers, having a 

large range of excellent wines which are produced from grapes grown in vineyards which are located in many parts of Malta

 and also Gozo. Malta has mild winters and very hot summers and these are near perfect conditions for the growing and 

production of wine and over many years Marsovin have been the leading producer of fine wines on the islands.

To accompany the wines there is a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes prepared by many of Malta's leading chefs and 

caterers which make up an essential part of the success and enjoyment of the Summer Festival each year.

We at Sagraitalia together with Vinitours hope to attend this exciting weekend event in July as it is one of the high points of

 our event year and is a real must for anyone interested in Maltese wine and culture.


We had a really lovely time at parlour Arabesque at the Leighton House Museum where we also sponsored the Parlour Collective who have produced shows in diverse spaces across Europe, including Swedenborg HouseChristchurch 

Spitalfields and Oxford Botanic Gardens and are now holding the Parlour Arabesque at the Leighton House Museum in 

Holland Park, Kensington as part of the Kensington Summer Events Festival on Wednesday July 24th. It is hoped that up to

 150 guests will attend this evening event to be held in the house and also outside in the gardens and Sagraitalia will be 

working closely with Jack Catling of Parlour Collective to help make this a memorable evening.

The Leighton House Museum was the former home of the famous Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton and the only 

purpose built studio house in the UK, it now holds a large and varied collection of paintings and sculptures by Lord Leighton

 and his contemporaries.


Olivaverde is taking part in a promotional event at the Rossodisera restaurant in London on Thursday 11th April and Sagraitalia has been asked to help set up and promote the event. Rossodisera is the only Le Marche orientated Italian restaurant in London and there will be a tasting of wines from Cantina Colli Ripani a well known wine producer from the le Marcvhe region and Lovingmarche,  a Le Marche based wedding and travel planning group.

The event will be for a maximum of 30 guests and will be a showcase for producers and products from the Le Marche tegion of Italy.


Slow food Norwich have asked Sagraitalia to help them and Olivaverde with a tutored tasting at the Virgin Money group in Norwich on Thursday March 14th. There will be four organic olive oils tasted along with organic honey from a small producer from Le Marche in Italy.

Also present will be wines from Naked Wines the large well known wine retailer which is based in Norwich and they will hopefully be bringing a wine producer to talk about his wines that will be some of those tasted on the evening.


Sagraitalia were pleased to be asked to take part at wine tasting and food event that was held in Cambridge on Saturday 15th february and we were pleased to taste and promote a range of olive oils from Frantoio Montedoro in Le Marche, Italy.

Further events in 2012


Sagraitalia works closely with the members of Slow Stuff which is based in Norwich and we will be at the Slow Makers 

market and then at the Slow Supper together with members of Slow food Norwich in on Saturday 1st December at the King

 of Hearts cafe in St Magdelan St, Norwich.


The Italian Charity Il Circolo which is based in London held its annual Christmas Market at the Old Town Hall in Chelsea on 

Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November. Sagraitalia was approached by one of the stallholders to ask our friends at 

Libera Terra supply orange and lemon marmalades from the Libera Terra organisation in Sicily to accompany the superb 

Panattone and wines that they had for sale at this wonderful market.

Jayne Raffles of Raffles restaurants in Norwich hosted an evening of tastings of Libera Terra 

wines at the St Benedicts restaurant in Norwich on Wednesday 14th November. The evening proved very popular and was 

sold out much earlier in the year with over fifty guests present on the night to taste the wines and eat from a menu of 

typical Sicilian dishes.

Sagraitalia works closely with the members of Slow Stuff which is based in Norwich and we will be holding a Slow Supper

together with members of Slow food Norwich in the city of Norwich on Saturday 3rd December.

Together with several Italian biodynamic wine and olive oil producers Sagraitalia is holding a wine and olive oil tasting at 

the Market Quarter in Elizabeth Street, London SW1 on Tuesday 27th November. There will be two whites, a red and a 

Rosato wine from three different regions of Italy, Toscana, Puglia and Le Marche and this will be part of the regular early 

evening Aperitivi that are held at the Market Quarter throughout the year.


We are holding a small Italian themed evening in Docking in north West Norfolk at the end of October, this will be a pasta 

and olive oil evening with a tasting of some of the organic olive oils that Sagraitalia together with Olivaverde try to hold 

each month in small villages in Norfolk and also community centres in London.

Parlour Collective are holding another of there special performance events this time in London at the Brunel Museum in 

Rotherhithe on October 27th and Sagraitalia is very pleased to be once again involved with the organisation of this event.

 The evening will be themed as an exploration of the tunnels and underground world of this part of London and is called the

 Parlour Souterrain.


Parlour Collective contacted Sagraitalia in early 2012 to ask for our support with an prestigious event at Oxford University on September 8th. Sagraitalia is pleased to be involved with the Parlour Jardin event at the Botanic garden in Oxford and we hope to also be involved with parlour Collective for further events in London and other parts of the UK in 2012 and beyond.

Our friends at Selezione Zanotto, Sagraitalia will supply an Italian spark to a memorable wedding in Suffolk in early September. The selection of fantastic wines from Selezione Zanotto and olive oils from Frantoio Montedoro will give this event a real Italian feel and we are supplying advice for the menus and an olive oil tasting at the beginning of the wedding meal.


Sagraitalia is very pleased to be involved in a prestigious Biodynamic event in the West country toward the end of August. The Tastegarden is a unique Biodynamic experience in Devon between the 24th and 27th August at the Weststoryfest in Embercombe near Exeter.

The event is being organised by the UK Biodynamic association and we are involved in supplying Biodynamic olive oil and wine from various regions in Italy. The Tastegarden offers a space where festival goers can be introduced to the principles and practices of Biodynamic gardening and farming, while also they can experience different foods, beverages and herb essences.

There will also be various workshops, talks and skill sharing as well as tutors teaching the history and present day practices of Biodynamic horticulture and agriculture.


As part of the Queens Jubilee celebrations, we organised a special Jubilee party for staff at one of the leading Hospitals in Windsor that has close associations with the Castle just up the road in Windsor.

There was more of an English theme than we have in our normal Italian food and wine events, but we managed to give everyone present memories of a very special day in Windsor and we are planning another event at the same venue at Christmas.


June was a busy month for us at Sagraitalia in conjunction with Vinitours as we met old friends and new members of Slow food Norwich at some events at Norwich in Norfolk. We are also hoping to find an event site in Le Marche and possibly share some space in London for the moment.

We organised a tasting in London of wines and olive oils from Tuscany produced by Azienda La Torre of Arezzo and the Rosso Toscano and also their olive oils proved very popular. Their olive oils were classed as superb by our tasters and also came out top at our blind tasting of 5 olive oils from Tuscany, Umbria and Sicily. We are pleased to be hopefully working with them to arrange several large tastings in London and Cambridge in August and September. 


We were pleased to be able to help organise a wedding reception with an Italian twist in Hackney in east London. The bride and groom are passionate about Italy and all things Italian and Sagraitalia was able to supply both authentic Italian food as well as Italian music.

One of our Italian friends who imports wines from lesser known regions of Italy supplied the event with some of their wonderful wines and also vin santo which went down extremely well with all concerned.


Sagraitalia is pleased to be holding a special natural wine and organic olive oil evening in partnership with our friend Stefano from Selezione Zanotto at the Veneticus Italian Delicatessen in London on Thursday April 26th.  Veneticus is owned and managed by Oscar Panizzon who is always keen to promote good natural and organic Italian produce at his prestigious Delicatessen in the Clerkenwell Road in central London.

Stefano Milani will be hosting the event and there will be a tasting of some of his natural and organic wines from Italy.  Andrea Tomassetti from Frantoio Montedoro will be holding a workshop and tasting of some of his fine olive oils from the Le Marche region of eastern Italy. Andrea will be in London to promote and educate the public about his olive oils from the Marche region, and this will be the first of a series of workshops he will be holding in London and the east of England.

The evening will also have a selection of Italian antipasti and dolce being served to accompany the wines and olive oils available at this event. Tickets for this special evening will be on sale closer to the time from Stefano and full details will be on both his website and also on the dedicated Sagratialia Blogger site.

Sagraitalia along with Slow food Norwich are pleased to be hosting a Slow Food with Libera Terra food and wine evening on Friday 27th April at the Library Restaurant in Norwich. Libera Terra is made up of community groups and student bodies who farm lands and estates that have been confiscated from organised crime and the Mafia in Sicily and southern Italy. They produce olive oil, pasta, marmalades, biscuits and many other typical southern Italian foods together with a range of wines branded as Centopassi.

Raffles restaurants who own the Library are passionate supporters of Slow Food and Libera Terra and we are all looking forward to a memorable evening tasting the wines and eating a meal prepared from produce of local Norfolk producers and also some Libera products .


There will be a special wine and food evening at the Market Quarter, Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London to mark the launch of Libera Terra wine and food in London. The evening is being held on Thursday 15th March, with only a limited number of places for the public as demand is high. Members of Slow Food London and Norwich will be also attending this unique event as Libera Terra has a close association with Slow food in Italy. Alistair Cameron from the Market Quarter is a passionate supporter of Slow Food and has been instrumental in organising the evening on behalf of Libera Terra and Sagraitalia.

There will be four Libera Terra wines to try on the evening, three from Sicily and one from Puglia, along with a tasting of organic olive oil and marmalades all produced by the small communities and volunteers who are part of the large Libera co operatives. Tickets are available from Alistair at the Market Quarter and will be £15 on the door and £10 for members of Slow Food, the event is from 6.30 until 8.30 pm.



Past Events.


An Italian food and biodynamic wine evening was held at a private party in the city Buckingham on Friday 16th February. The evening was attended by over 50 guests and there was a range of  Italian antipasti and a varied buffet of typical Italian dishes to accompany the wines of the Tuscany region.

The wines available on the evening were all from the small artisan wine producer, La Busattina who are situated in the Maremma region of southern Tuscany. The red Legnotorto and superb Ciliegiolo as well as the white Bianco Maremma Toscana were all served to guests and we hope that the growth of the use of these types of wines will lead to a greater appreciation of biodynamic wines from Italy and elsewhere.



Sagraitalia together with Slow Food Norwich are holding a Le Marche food and wine evening in Norwich on Wednesday 25th Janauary. Le Marche is an Italian region in the east of Italy with a long Adriatic coastline which borders Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo.

The event is being held at St Benedicts restaurant in Norwich which is part of the Raffles restaurant group, and there will be four wines from the Le Marche region of Italy including thewhite Pecorino and red Rosso Piceno. the meal that evening will also be prepared from recipes typical of that region of Italy. 



On Thursday 8th December there will be a Sagra for 60 guests at a venue in Chesham, Buckinghanshire. The event will be co hosted by Kirsty Hawkshaw and some of the proceeds will go to the local Air Ambulance Charity. there will be red and white wine from near todi in Umbria, local Buckinghamshire cheeses and salami and olive oil from Le Marche, Italy.

Sagraitalia together with Selezione Zanotto the London based Italian wine importer are holding an Italian food and wine evening at Caponata restaurant in Camden Town, north London on Monday 19th December. Stefano Milani will be supplying and talking about the wines available that evening and Sagraitalia will announce more details about the event at the end of November 2011 h



We will be holding another tasting of wine with artisan produced olive oils at the new Elliots bistro in Borough Market in November 2011. Elliots only serves organic produce and all the meals are prepared from produce that is sourced from traders in Borough Market itself.

Sagraitalia is attending a wine and food evening at the famous Caponata restaurant in Camden Town in London with Stefano Milani of Selezione Zanoto providing the wines for this popular monthly event. 



On October 7th Sagraitalia is holding the "Creake Sagra" at Creake Abbey Studios in north west Norfolk. The event will be hosted by Anna Mosesson and will be a celebration of real Italian food, olive oil and wines from the Le Marche region of Italy. Dermott Sales will be holding tastings of olive oils from Le Marche and Stefano Milani from Selezione Zanotto will be providing the wines and discussing wine matching with the guests.

This venue is a stunning set of converted barns near the famous coastal villages of Burnham Market and Brancaster and the event will be catering for up to one hundred guests.

Thursday October 27th sees another popular food event in  Chesham in Buckinghamshire. There will be an evening of Italian wine, olive oil and cheese held in one of the popular venues in the high street starting at 7.30 and finishing at 1am. All door receipts will go toward the air ambulance local charity. 




Andrea Tomasetti from the Frantoio Montedoro near Senigallia who is a producer of fine olive oil will be holding a workshop and tastings of olive oil from Le Marche at the Market Quarter in Belgravia on Thursday 8th September. This will be the first of several workshops that Andrea will be holding in London and Norwich on his visit to the UK.

Sagraitalia is hosting an Italian food and olive oil evening at the FARM shop in Dalston Lane, Hackney east London on 5th September were there will be a workshop with tastings of olive oils from the Le Marche and Umbria regions of Italy and also olive oil from the Island of Gozo. 


JULY 2011 

Sagraitalia are involved in a series of biodynamic wine tastings in London, one of which was held in the Market Quarter in Belgravia on Wednesday 13th July.

The biodynamic red and white wines are from a wonderful small producer from the Maremma region of Tuscany and was served together with a typical antipasti from that region of Italy.

We are also taking part in the Keen Green and ethical fair at the Forum in Norwich in partnership with Slow Food Norwich on 22nd and 23rd July 


JUNE 2011

Sagraitalia and Slow food Norwich were involved with the opening of the new Browns Farm Shop and Kitchen in the village of Mundford near Swaffham in Norfolk. 

Sagraitalia helped source the pasta, olive oils and several other  wonderful Italian products for this prestigious new food venue in Norfolk. Sagraitalia looks forward to helping host some wine and food events over the summer and autumn, including a tasting of wines from the Le Marche region of Italy. 


MAY 2011. 

Sagraitalia was involved in organising a series of natural wine tastings and workshops held in Borough Market in London in early May. One of the most popular and successful was the tastings of natural Prosecco from Selezione Zanotto at the soon to be opened Elliotts organic bistro. 


APRIL 2011. 

Another Sagra event is held at the fabulous venue, The Forum in Norwich. In conjunction with Slow Food Norwich and Slow Food UK, there is a Slow food market at the Theatre Plain at the Forum in Norwich.

This was from 9.30am until 3.30pm on April 5th and all the producers were from local Norfolk businesses and it proved to be a very popular event with both the public and the producers.

A tasting of wines from Umbria and Tuscany is planned for late April in London or Cambridge, see our sister website Livinginlemarche for the latest news........

Sagraitalia presented an olive oil workshop and tasting in Hampstead, London in early May and in Cambridge in early June 2011. These events are some of the several planned in London and the home counties in the summer of 2011 along with a large wine and olive oil workshop in Wells next sea in late September 2011. 



A tasting of wines from the Le Marche region of Italy. The event is at the new Market Quarter and is a ticket only affair because of the demand.

Please contact Dermott if you want to know more about this exciting event which is the first of many similar wine events being held in London, Cambridge and Norwich in the Spring and Summer of 2011.











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